KTERA 02.10.2014 Data Mine


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Eximus, Eximus Everywhere

When you’re doing a “low-level” Survival mode and suddenly a horde of Eximus attacks your group as you’re about to leave through a very narrow corridor.

Naren's Bakery!


Some of you already know but Ras and I started making android games in our free time some time ago and we just finished one, so i wanted you to try it! Its FREE “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” If you have been following me or rykari for some time you will probably recognize the characters hahah


We would…

Elkaras HM post Class Balance patch on September 19

I also think he’s one of the best Lancers out there and really knows their game even with other classes.

Anonymous asked:

Hello Espei! Thanks for your contribution, it's all very helpful. I was wondering about brooches. What do level 65 brooches require to be crafted? Do they make iridescent brooches in the current NA content useless or will these have a retool option so the massive amount of crafting materials is not lost?


These are the materials you need to craft the level 65 iridescent brooches. The first material is dropped from one of the new instances (forgot which) and the rest are crafted / bought.


The second item (one you need 175) is something similar to the Accessory Wire.

And I think you need something further crafted from the new tier 6 nodes (ore, plant, and essence). Much like the Pure Luriacloth, etc. to get the Totem Powder (pink bottle thingy).

Unlike the level 60 brooches we currently have these ones can actually crit and give you two if the stars align.

Oh and unfortunately there are no retool options.

Anonymous asked:

When trying to 3% a MW item, if I get to 2% is it random rolls, so its possible I may 1% it again? Or does it stay 2% and theres a chance I can get up rather than reset down?

If you want to keep the stats you’ve rolled but want to get 3% you will need to use Spellbinds to lock all the stats until you get the 3% bonus.

There is no other way unless you get lucky and get the 3% as you get the perfect rolls. That is why min/maxing is expensive and is honestly not that necessary… as long as you have proper rolls on your weapon, chest, or whatever piece that’s what matters more.

Bit of a potato quality but here’s some mass GvG with a Mystic PoV.

리버스 vs 하드코어