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KTERA 24.04.2014 Patch Preview

KTERA 24.04.2014 Patch Preview

KTERA 24.04.2014 Patch Preview (WIP)

The contents of the following patch notes are for KTERA and may change for NA TERA.

NOTE: Partial patch notes as I don’t have time to finish it before heading to work. Will be completed once I’m back!

Content Changes Bamarama Season 2
  • Various instance BAMs fight it out in an all or nothing Bamarama
  • Differences between Season 1 and Season 2 are as follows
    • The…

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The king and the thief

Naren and Ras got capes~

Easter Egg Time

After a weekend of caiman hunting we decided to open it all up at the same time. Took nearly an hour to open all of our eggs…

And this is what I got from nearly 300+ eggs. 200+ days each on the ears too, lol.

tomkitty6 asked: Hey hey! I dont want to be a pain but i was wondering if you knew how much the new maid outfits for the elin are going to be? The pink one with the little bows is super cute and i want to use it on my dark elin

Costume pricing depends on what EME decides on. I don’t work for EME let alone have any influence in pricing as I’m a regular player just like you. You can take an educated guess by looking at past loot box / costume pricing. Dyeable and the Elin exclusive will most likely be put into a loot box of some form and the plain black ones for all female races will probably be a straight buy.

Anonymous asked: Hello Espei. How does the new templating system works? Can you elaborate on the procedures?

The current fashion coupon event is what it will turn out to be. You no longer “template” armour but rather wear it in your costume slot.

In KTERA you get coupons by staying logged in but I think for NA they will be trying a different approach where you actively do something like how the event is set up at the moment.