KTERA 23.07.2014 Forgotten Continent Patch Notes

Main Inhabitant: Mantis Tribe
KTERA 23.07.2014 Forgotten Continent Patch Notes

The Forgotten Continent patch goes live.

Content Update Increased Level Cap and New Skills
  • The maximum character level has been raise from 60 to 65, Outlaw Declaration can be activated at level 65
  • In conjunction with the new level cap, new skills and glyphs have also been added
  • Existing skills for Slayers have changed
    • Skill damage for Knockdown…

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Let’s Walk

Currently in the midst of translating the patch notes for KTERA’s expansion and there was something of interest that players had been asking for since, I think, beta days.

They’ve added a walk toggle function it seems. I don’t think I’m reading incorrectly (and April 1st is far away) so yeah there you go guys. You finally get this.

If you’d like latest updates while I’m translating, etc feel free to follow me on Twitter as well. :)

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So, yeah, we managed to down Abscess HM in our first sitting. We got the best loot ever of MES, 20 Fashion Coupons and a fodder Twin Sword but it’s all good because we cleared it.

Took us all of 3 hrs to clear. First boss was a one shot, second boss took us quite a few attempts, even had it down to half of the last bar a couple times. Fucking hell the last few seconds were intense…!

tera tera online abscess hm first clear

KTERA GO Post: Summer Update, New Instance Info


Hello, we’re back with some more information on the upcoming Forgotten Continent update that’s really only a couple days away!

Today we’ll be covering a couple of the new instances that will be available at level 65 following this winter’s update of Abscess, Rift’s Edge, Lakan’s Prison, and Ghillieglade.

Temple of Orca (5 persons)

Temple of Orca is a new instance with a new aquatic theme. It is a…

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Rant Incoming

Okay, I just need to vent.

Sometimes it really makes me annoyed / upset / etc when there are people who just take bits and pieces of the information I post and go apeshit. Such as when KTERA announced they’d be removing dungeons. It’s like, well, you all need to calm down.

It’s not that I’m white knighting or whatever. If you even stop and think rationally for a moment you’ll figure that any update in KTERA takes awhile to get to us and things can very well change.

Or when I post translations of large text (ie. teaser site) and someone comments on the page going “you got this wrong, this person did a better translation because they didn’t use a translator and is a native Korean speaker”. I know my work isn’t 100% and on top of that I don’t read or write Korean. Nor do I get paid to do this. I do it on my own free time. Some translations take me an entire day to finish because it’s just that big. I will obviously miss things but to get comments like that it makes me just go “why do I do this? just go read theirs then and fuck off”… asdflkjawgh

Then I get these folks who answer my request for a banner or encourage me through Asks / Twitter / etc. There are those who kindly point out if I made a spelling error or if there were any inconsistencies in my translations. Right, that’s why I do this. Because there are these nice people. I’ll keep doing this for them. Not for the select few asshats that rear their ugly heads.

So thank you to those who keep giving me positive messages. Even those who may not directly say anything. Seeing those who enjoy the game and posting pretty art and screenshots of the game also makes my day.

There is my rant plus semi-thank you. Time to do some dailies in-game.



Tera banners! Tera Banners Everywhere! These are banners I made for espei-tera It’s hard to take a whole screenshot and fit it into a tiny banner but I did my best. Not sure if they’ll use any of them but I figured I’d go through my Screenshots and see what I could find.

TBH my fav one is the lumbertown one lol.

Feel free to use =D


So pretty. Thank you so much. xD

tera tera online reblog thank you!!!

Re: Dungeon Removal in KTERA

For those who were upset about the dungeon removal in KTERA. Treeshark made a comment that should ease everyone’s worries a little bit.

Hello everyone!

We are seeing some concerns regarding KTERA’s announcement about the instance dungeons being removed. What was stated in the patch notes, obviously, doesn’t tell the whole story. The dungeon removal coincides with a planned level cap increase and work to improve the leveling path. It’s no secret that TERA’s current path is not the most optimal one. With the new expansion coming, Bluehole Studios has an opportunity to make the path from level 1 to level 65 clearer.

The expansion will change a lot of systems within TERA, making certain dungeons less important for leveling than they currently are. The new play guide also gives players objectives and rewards to take the place of those provided in the older dungeons. Remember, just because these dungeons are getting removed does not mean that they will never return. In fact, some of these dungeons are being revamped for level 65 (we know of several currently in the pipeline), and the goal is to find a better fit for the others within the revised leveling process, to allow dungeon-only leveling. More information will be released as we get closer to the release of the expansion.

I want to stress given this many changes, we can’t get the whole story by focusing on each one individually but by taking them all in as a whole.



I’m looking forward to seeing these dungeons placed back in a different setting and would even attempt to level through dungeons if/when that happens.

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Anonymous asked:

What does your character look like?

A Certain TERA Index Answer:

These two are my current mains. My Lancer, Espei, and my Berserker. I also have another male Castanic Archer and a Popori Priest which I play off and on when needed.


Yes, all my characters have sunflowers on their heads.

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A Humble Request for the TERA Community

As you all know I have a blog on WordPress and I like fiddling around with themes to, hopefully, make my articles easier to read.

Now I’m in need of a header and I’d like to ask the TERA Tumblr community for suggestions of what / where I should take screenshots to put into the cycle.

If anyone has a screenshot they’d like to share please feel free to. You can link me a 960 x 270 that is already cropped oooor the full one and I can crop it as well. Edits are no problem. I’ll be adding your tumblr link to the bottom right as credit as well (or you can add that in if you are already editing).

Much thanks. :)

tera tera online wp needs a header request thank you

KTERA The Forgotten Continent Update


I’ll be updating this page throughout the day as I finish sections. The permalink is provided so come back in a couple hours and hopefully there will be a new section done.

Translations are done. Gear sets will come at a later point as it’s not too hard to figure what the base stats are that people want to know so I’ll just be taking my time with that on another day off.

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Anonymous asked:

With the removal of dungeons such as ETHM and LoTHM, will getting the Miss Kitty pet and associated achievements be impossible?

A Certain TERA Index Answer:

Ah, good point. I have no idea though unfortunately. Hopefully they’ll just take out that requirement… >_> 

Anonymous asked:

There was something on inven about removing old instances. How much of that is actually true? Do you know anything about that?

A Certain TERA Index Answer:


I believe they’ve only mentioned adjusting the older instances and something about their difficulty or something. Haven’t read anything about complete removal of them though.

Oh, sorry I just went to inven and it seems they are removing some instances after the patch.

Roughly looking I see the following no longer available after July 23:

Akasha’s Hideout (Hard)
Labyrinth of Terror (Hard)
Ebon Tower (Hard)
Kelsaik’s Nest (Hard)
Suryati’s Peak
Temple of Temerity
2 other dungeons I can’t figure the name of…

Manaya’s Core (Hard)
Crucible of Flame
Sirjuka Gallery
Kelsaik’s Nest (X / XX)

Shattered Fleet
Kezzel’s Gorge
Wonderholme (Normal / Hard)

Lakan’s Prison
Abscess (Normal)
Rift’s Edge (Hard)

All corresponding quests for the above instances will be removed or moved to their “Normal” counterpart if there is one. Drops will also be moved to their lower tier if it is available.


That’s the notice on the inven. I’m focusing on translating the teaser site so I may have over looked something. I’ll translate this later after I’m done but in the meantime there’s the link.

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